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The Oregon fishing guide fish is the Columbia River and specializes in catching salmon trophy sturgeon and keeper sturgeon on the Columbia River and fishing charters that meet all your expectations. Look for the Oregon fishing guide at buoy 10 fishing locations the Lewis river and the Cowlitz River. Local area of fishing guides in Oregon fish buoy 10 consider it to be a very hot salmon fishing the location. Many people refer to the Oregon fishing guide as the number one professional fishing guide in the northwest including Oregon Idaho and Washington.

Fishing charter boats in Washington and Oregon often fish the Columbia River and tributaries of the Columbia River for fall salmon fall Chinook salmon sturgeon and steelhead. They also fished the Tillamook Bay area for fall king salmon and the Wilson River, Trask river and the Nehalem Bay. Quality fishing trips include locations on the Lewis river and the Cowlitz River in southwest Washington as well as the popular Portland Oregon fishing location that known as the Willamette River which runs right through Portland Oregon.

The Oregon fishing guides often fish for sturgeon during may and june on the Columbia River and for fall Chinook from late July through September on the Columbia River. Winter steelhead is popular from the Samper 2 February at various locations up and down the Columbia River such as the Lewis river the Cowlitz River and the Kalama river.
Big Fish Guide Service

Big Fish Guide Service offers full day fishing trips on the Columbia River for Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon, Fall Chinook, Spring Salmon, Kings and Coho in the Portland area and popular nearby rivers up to John Day dam. While on a spectacular fishing experience with Big Fish Guide Service, you will enjoy the comfort of our 20' Alumaweld Super Vee boat, powered with a 125 H.P. Mercury outboard which safely accommodates 2 to 4 passengers. From just east of Portland, Oregon, on the Columbia River, upriver to John Day Dam and no matter what you are after, the search for Chinook salmon or the fight of monster Sturgeon, whatever your adventure is, it will sure be an unforgettable experience.

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Fishing guides and charter boat services in the state of Oregon are committed to providing you with the best quality fishing experience. They offer large jet boats for the big Rivers and small drift boats for the smaller Rivers. Fish guiding companies in Oregon offer clients daily trips for salmon sturgeon walleye bass and steelhead on the most popular Rivers in Oregon. Oregon fishing guides also fish in Washington. Columbia River is one of the most popular destinations in Oregon and Washington for fall Chinook salmon spring Chinook salmon upriver brights as well as sturgeon steelhead walleye and bass.

Full day trips range in price as do half day fishing trips. Remember the lowest price is not always the best deal. Sometimes fishing guides who only fish part time or who are new to many popular Oregon State fishing areas offer low rates on places like craig's list to attract new clients. But a savings for fishing trips that are not productive is not necessarily a good deal. Sometimes it's better to pay a little more go with a guide to catches fish.


If you are looking to fish for giant or oversize sturgeon you baby and four of the thrill of a lifetime. The ad these fish are 12 feet in length and over and can weigh over 1000 pounds. Elum be a river is home two world record walleye fishing. Every year people come from all around the world to fish for walleye Columbia River. The best fishing guides may be featured on the national television shows or local fishing television shows such as the outdoor channel. Sturgeon fishing is popular many places very close to Portland Oregon. Sturgeon are caught all the way from Astoria through the mid Columbia River and where the Columbia River reaches Idaho. Any fishing guides in Oregon are also Idaho fishing guides and northwest fishing guides.

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